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You Beauty 👍💅🏆

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I had a wonderful time on Sunday presenting the English Nails, Brows & Lashes awards, recognizing the amazing talent in the Nails, Lashes & Brows industry all across England. Cue girly blog post.

I'm actually quite low maintenance when it comes to my beauty regime but I always get my brows done professionally & I've recently been converted to lash lifts every couple of months. It's like a perm for your lashes & gives them a long lasting tint & curl. I've had lash extensions before, especially before I go on holiday (so you don't have to bother with mascara) but hate it when they start falling out or getting a bit straggly. Lash lifts work much better for my lifestyle & you can still wear your favourite mascara (mine is by Arbonne & called "It's a long story").

When it comes to nails I don't do much, mine never grow & long nails arent practical when I'm doing boxing or martial arts but for the awards I went with a subtle pink gel nail with rose gold accents

Here's a pic of me chilling in my boudoir pre-awards. I got ready too quickly and then found I had loads of time to kill. I was tempted to go to the Supermarket and pick up a few essentials in my frock. Hey, I see people shopping there in their pyjamas (there is no excuse for this) so why not an evening gown? 🤣


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