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Moving on to the next one...

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

When voicing a corporate video (or indeed anything) you don't always get to see the finished product. Sometimes there's a delay in producing it, sometimes you're recording for a marketing agency & not the end user or you've simply moved on to the next job & forgotten all about it. After all, as long as the client is happy it doesn't really matter what I think of the finished article.

Well today I decided to seek out some of my past work, even as far back as 2016! It's like finding clothes in your wardrobe you'd forgotten about or £10 down the back of the sofa! Some of the videos have stood the test of time and I'll be adding them to my demos & website, others are good but remind me how much I've improved both my craft & my equipment.

Revisiting previous work is also a great reminder to re-establish contact with companies you've worked with before. We tend to assume that they'll remember us & get in touch if they need us. Sadly you can't be complacent in a crowded market, especially when people are so busy & bombarded with so much choice. Maybe the person who originally booked you for the job has moved on & their replacement isn't even acquainted with your awesomeness? You must remedy this situation immediately! 😁


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