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My thoughts on the Coronapocalypse - Let's Laugh in the face of adversity!

In a world where a deadly virus sweeps the globe a band of rebels embark on a dangerous mission to retrieve urgent supplies of...... toilet paper?

In all seriousness I have been tweeting about Corona for a while and could tell it was going to be serious. I try not to rely solely on the main stream media for my news and I didn't like what I was hearing on the ground. I started prepping back in early February whilst supply chains were still good and so I wouldn't be depriving anyone else of the last pack of paracetamol! Though there are shortages in major supermarkets now, I have found that the smaller convenience stores still have tinned goods, pasta etc. Also check on your elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

When I am not Acting and Voice Overing I offer my services as a Volunteer Driver taking elderly people to appointments. It's put me in an ethical quandary as I'm obviously in contact with vulnerable people and don't want to be a spreader. On the other hand people still need to get to their appointments and we need to retain some semblance of normality.

This outbreak will be a real challenge for the country as I feel we have lost that sense of community we used to have. Social media has made us feel connected, but paradoxically, more lonely than ever. We are social animals, not meant to be isolated. I think it will also be difficult for many businesses and particularly the self employed. On the other hand it may show that one can be just as efficient when working from home than being 'present' in the office but not actually that productive. I've always despised the culture of presenteeism in the corporate world, it's quality not quantity.

Speaking of being present. You don't have to wait for the government to tell you whether you should or shouldn't attend an event. Use your own judgement. It looks like the UK is taking a long term, science based approach to this outbreak and hoping we will establish 'herd immunity'. It will result in short term pain for long term gain. Whether that's the right approach remains to be seen. I am sceptical, as from the research I have done you can be reinfected with Corona and it can be worse the second time, especially if your immune system is already weakened. On the other hand we will all probably get it in some form at some stage so it makes sense to 'stagger' the problem to reduce pressure on the NHS and the economy and hope the potency of the virus reduces with time (and with warmer weather).

What do you think? Is your respective government taking the right approach? Do you know anyone who has had it yet?

PS: If you enjoyed Corona Movie, you might also like my radio play Christmas With The Windsors, which is still funny even though it's no longer Christmas.


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