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The Inevitable 'Corona Virus Update'. My Home Studio is still Open.

We are truly living in unprecedented times. It goes without saying that I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and following the Public Health Guidelines of your respective countries. We are still learning about how this virus operates and which country took the right approach will be something epidemiologists, health care professionals and economists study for years to come.

That being said, to some extent life must go on, otherwise the economic damage of the virus to people’s livelihoods and entire industries, could be more serious in the long term than the virus itself. This is not to say the virus is not serious, both statements can be true.

Whilst we are all self-isolating there will still be demand for various products and services, entertainment and content. If I can help you with any of those things, do get in touch anytime.

I am very conscious of being seen to try and profit from the national situation but I am merely offering the same services as I did before. In fact about 70% of my work is delivered via my home studio so you can rest assured that the quality is of the standard you or your clients expect.

I have a dedicated and acoustically treated home studio with excellent sound quality and equipment (SE Electronics SE2200a ii Microphone, SE Reflexion Filter Pro, Audient ID4 interface). You will also benefit from my knowledge and experience with my DAW (Digital Audio Workspace or editing software) and my understanding of post-production and mastering. Essentially you get the studio, the voice over and the sound engineer all rolled into one. I also work right across the Voice Over Industry from Corporate and Commercials to Audiobooks, Animation and Video Games so I am a good person to have on the proverbial speed dial.

I also have a wired internet connection and screen in my booth so it is possible to use interfaces such as Source Connect, IPDTL, Clean Feed and ISDN Bridges as well as good old-fashioned Telephone, Skype or Zoom. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, if you have a (reliable) wired internet connection, a microphone (quality not particularly important) and some headphones then the option is there to direct me live, in real time as if I was in the room with you. These interfaces also allow you to capture the audio at your end as well as mine (though I always capture it here via two sources as a failsafe).

Can I take this opportunity to wish you well in what may be a challenging time. Remember that adversity often brings out the best in us. We can see this in the actions of our brave healthcare workers who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to help others. The teachers, carers, shopkeepers, pharmacists and other key workers whose services we all rely on. Those that take the time to check on their neighbours, the elderly and vulnerable and offer emotional support to those who may find self-isolation particularly challenging.

Also remember that necessity is often the mother of all invention. I have no doubt that the best minds are working on cures and strategies to mitigate the damage of this virus. We’ve already seen amazing engineers working around the clock to increase our respirator capacity, we see Politicians (who usually get a bad rap) working together in the national interest and cutting red tape and bureaucracy to ensure people have the resources they need. You can always say ‘well it’s not enough’ but I think everyone is doing the best they can in an unprecedented situation. Let’s try to assume the best in each other, not the worst and put partisan political differences aside. Come up with solutions rather than problems. Let’s face it, we’ve all worked with someone like that who won’t be a team player, can’t give credit where credit is due, won’t take personal responsibility and only brings negativity to the table. Don’t be ‘that guy’ even though that might be your natural response to fear or adversity.

Can I also urge you to consider what you post or share on social media. You don’t need to censor yourself but it is worth double checking whether what you are posting is actually helpful or accurate. I have already seen loads of videos purporting to be relating to Corona Virus when it’s actually something from years ago or relates to a completely different country or situation. A good example was a chap who was shamed for buying loads of toilet paper when he was actually buying it to give out free to people in the community. There’s usually two sides to every story. Of course the lie has travelled halfway round the world whilst the truth is still getting its boots on.

In the words of Jerry Springer. Look after yourselves…and each other.

God Bless.

Love Jenna

PS: Cute animal videos are acceptable at any time, as are spicy memes! It's important to laugh in the face of adversity sometimes! Feel free to send them my way on Twitter @JennaVAtion


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