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Eco Town - Beauty and the Beast Little Town Parody

Belle and the villagers have just implemented the latest government guidelines to turn "little town" into a greener and more sustainable Eco town. What could possibly go wrong?


I'm told I must reduce my carbon footprint

Got rid of all my plastic bags

But I feel I cannot win

Forgot to put out my green bin

Now the council's going to fine me £60 pounds

Get Jabbed

Eat bugs

Don't have a family

Do as, we say

Live in a pod

I need 6 eggs

But **** I'm vegan

Trust the government to run your life

How dare you try to drive to work this morning

You probably killed a polar bear

You must stay at least 6ft

Eat substantially less meat

And forget about that holiday to Spain

Ohhh but we must do something

Or our children won't have any hope

Howwwwbout we boycott China

But I'd rather cancel people who aren't being woke

I just installed my heat pump, solar panels

Doesn't that wind farm look just swell?

But I really must admit

Green energy is s**t

Still reliant on the national grid

Lectured by an angry Swedish kid,

David Attenborough gone and flipped his lid

Now there are people who won't change their habits

They're probably going straight to hell

But can we all at least agree

You're not as virtuous as me

So I'm making plans for social credit scores

I sent an African child down a lithium mine

But I drive a Tesla so it's perfectly fine


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