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Be Our Guest (the Boris Edit)

Here it is. It went viral over Twitter and Facebook but could use a few more views on the YouTube!


Boris is having a Downing Street Christmas Party and all you plebes are invited! Oh wait no, sorry, you are locked down.


Be our guest! Be our guest!

I don't need a Covid test

Cos I'm Boris it's my party

Without a drink I get depressed

Soup du jour

Hot hors d'œuvres

Yes I know we're supposed to serve

But you're not going to vote labour

Why should I change my behaviour?

We will sing we will dance

When you plebes won't get a chance

You must stay at home protect the NHS

Yes I have closed your venues

Ignore advice and then you'll

Be quite stressed & repressed, it's house arrest

Closed your pub and your shop

Can't see your gran or have your op

Trust the science and the news

While we consume a lot of booze

You're alone and you're scared

But our banquet's all prepared

No one's gloomy or complaining

Downing Street is entertaining

We tell jokes! I do tricks

With my fellow hypocrites

Won't wear a mask or isolate that you can bet

Come on and lift your glass

Don't need a Covid pass

You're not impressed

we transgressed but we'll ignore all your protests. We're possessed, Covid obsessed be our guest

This virus is concerning

the rules we should all be observing

Start to feel like a monumental con

Ah, those good old days when we had freedoms

Suddenly those good old days are gone

Two years you've been so trusting

When our records quite disgusting

You couldn't exercise see plays or pay your bills

Most days you just lay around on furlough

I'm Flabby, fat and lazy

Re-elect me and your crazy!


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