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About Jenna

Jenna wanted to be an actress from a young age but like most kids, there were about 100 other things she also wanted to do. Swimming, gymnastics, judo, horse riding, ballet? She tried them all and usually got bored pretty quickly. But after seeing a friend's brochure for a local Saturday stage school and begging her dad to let her go, she finally found something she truly loved doing. 

Jenna gained a 1st class degree at the University of the West of England (specialising in Evolutionary Psychology and the Psychology of Consciousness) and wrote her final year thesis on the Psychological Significance of Fantasy Role Playing Games. She went on to do a Master's degree in Occupational Psychology (how the principles of Psychology can be applied to business) and straight into a job with Thames Valley Police. 

Despite loving the police environment Jenna left her job with the police to pursue her acting and voice over career professionally. In fact Jenna's unconventional background proved to be a great asset. Her knowledge and interest in studying human behaviour & Philosophy adds a unique dimension to her performances. What better way to connect with that character than to understand their hopes, fears and aspirations and how they make sense of the world around them? 

Jenna now works right across the voice over industry from corporate and e-learning to animation, dubbing and video games. She is known for her crystal clear voice, amazing vocal range and, equally as important, her professionalism, reliability and work ethic.

Jenna’s Corporate Voice Over Clients include Microsoft, Unilever, The Economist, GSK, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Barclays Bank, BNP Paribas, The Premier League and the NHS. In addition, she works with many small businesses, agencies, freelancers & content creators.

Jenna is a firm believer in “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” (a sound mind in a sound body) and she trains almost every day, usually a mixture of martial arts or dance based cardio, HIIT and resistance training. She’s also a trained Belly Dancer and Motion Capture Artist which is the perfect marriage between the physicality of dance and martial arts & the technique of acting and voice over.


Fun Facts

  • Jenna was born November 3rd which makes her a Scorpio

  • Is a huge James Bond fan and loves Stargate, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Disney & Film Noir 

  • Is a talented singer and dancer (Jazz, contemporary and Belly Dance)

  • Loves Wildlife. Amateur Birdwatcher, particular fondness for Hedgehogs & Hamsters! 

  • Favourite band is Poets of the Fall but she also likes Heavy/Symphonic Metal.

  • Has worked in interior design & enjoys finding, restoring or up-cycling antique furniture

  • Often told she sounds like Lara Croft, which would probably be her dream video game role!

  • Voiced Naija in award winning indie game Aquaria for which she also sings the opening and ending themes 'Lost to the Waves' and 'Fear the Dark'

  • Can currently be heard voicing various characters in Sylvanian Families on Netflix and Amazon Prime 



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