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Creating an Audition that Pops (even during The Plague)

Here's a little clip from a special LOCKDOWN EDITION @NetworkVO workshop "Creating an audition that pops" with the fantastic @sarajanesherman and me voicing an animated frog that fears the plague. Talk about Life imitating Art 🤣. This is the second frog I've voiced this month by the way 🐸.

I'm so glad I don't have cameras in my booth so nobody can see the crazy facial expressions & gesticulations I usually do. Acting on camera and doing voiceover are such different skills in this respect. On camera, less is more, you hardly have to do anything with your face for the emotion to be translated. With animated voiceovers you can really hear the difference when you add the movement and physicality, even if you feel ridiculous or unnatural doing it.

Anyway, enjoy the goofiness. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to learn or brush up on your skills & isn't it amazing that we have the technology to facilitate this, and that most of the time it is actually pretty reliable?



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