Jenna Sharpe Actress & Voice Over

Jenna Sharpe Actress & Voice Over
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Motion Capture

Trained by one of the leading Motion Capture Studios in the UK, Jenna has knowledge and experience of both the performance and technical aspects of this unique discipline.  With incredible versatility and a background in Acting, Voice Over, Dance, Martial Arts and Policing, Jenna is able to add energy, creativity and authenticity to her performances.

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Why you should choose Jenna to be your Motion Capture Artist

  • Trained in marked and markerless facial and full performance MoCap
  • Full package of physical performance, acting and voice over
  • Martial Arts, Dance and Stage Combat background
  • Excellent Flexibility, Stamina and Physical Fitness
  • Wide range of Accents, Characters and an impressive Emotional Range
  • Experience with Head cam and Scanning technology 
  • Adept at Facial Syncing to existing audio or providing audio for an existing performance
  • Passion and understanding of the technology and its applications
  • Easy to work with and direct

Motion Capture Photos

Motion Capture Video