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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I know how long my script will take to record?

A: You can use the guide below for an approximate indication.


10,400 words - 60 minutes

5200 words - 30 minutes

1700 words - 10 minutes

850 words - 5 minutes

370 words - 2 minutes

150 words - 1 minute


Q: What does your fee include?

A: I suppose that depends on the nature of the project! Unless otherwise specified my quote includes tax, VAT etc. and there are no other hidden costs. The only exception is if you are paying in a currency other than GBP £ (in which case a small transaction/conversion fee may apply) or if the nature/usage of your project changes (in which case I will notify you in advance of any increase in price.)

Q: What does 'non broadcast' mean?

A: Non Broadcast refers to recordings that will only be used internally for example for training & educational purposes. If the recording will be used on a company's own website, social media or YouTube channel, this is known as 'Organic Usage' and will likely incur an extra usage fee. If the audio will be marketed via targeted advertising  e.g. sponsored posts, Facebook promotions or YouTube pre-roll, this counts as broadcast and will require Commercial Usage. TV and Radio are also subject to usage fees depending on the channels/stations it will be broadcast on, the size of the audience they reach and the duration of the campaign. If you are unsure, do please contact me for a quote. 


Q: Do I need to pay a deposit or anything upfront?

A: Not usually, no, I work a lot on good faith!  Unless the project is extremely large, complex or time consuming I don't take any payment until after the job is completed. Of course if you want to pay upfront that is always appreciated!


Q: What if I need some bits of my project re-doing?

A: I'm very flexible and always want my clients to be happy.  If it is a mistake I have made then of course I will rectify this free of charge. Substantial changes to script or delivery style that were not agreed upon before will likely incur an extra fee. Please take a look at the voice over artist terms for more information.


Q: Can I get a discount?

A: I believe my rates are a fair reflection of the industry and my talent and experience as a performer. I will sometimes offer preferential rates for regular clients, local businesses or charities.


Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I have a dedicated, professional, acoustically treated vocal booth with low noise floor.

Microphones: Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH-416, Rode NT2-A, SE Electronics 2200a II

Interfaces: Audient ID14 Preamp & SSL 2 

Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro and Audio Technica ATH-M40 Headphones


Q: Can you record me a custom demo?

A: Yes, I am happy to record a short demo or sample of your script on the assumption it will not be used, broadcast or shared with those outside the remit of your project.


Q I've never hired a voice over before, how does the process work?

A I can take you through the process and am always happy to chat on the phone or answer any of your questions. Typically it goes something like this:


  • I provide a Quotation/Custom Demo

  • On acceptance of my quote and T&Cs we discuss the project in more detail either by phone or email.

  • The script and recording session is confirmed.

  • Recording takes place

  • You receive the recording and have the opportunity to review it and provide any feedback.

  • You are a happy customer and will receive my invoice in the next few days!


Q: I am interested in booking you, what information do you need from me?

A: In order to provide a quote it is useful to know the following:


  • What would you like me to voice?

  • What is the word count or duration of the project (if you can provide the script, even better!)

  • When do you need it by?

  • How are you planning to use the recording and where?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • If it is character work, any information/visual representations of the character, back story etc. are always really useful.

  • If it will be broadcast or shown online, at trade shows or other media it is useful to know where and for how long.

  • What format would you like the recording to be in and how would you like it delivered (email, download link, uploaded to a server etc.)?

  • Do you require any additional services or post production? 


If you are happy to go ahead it is useful to get your guidance on how you would like your script read. Some things to think about are...


  • Pace/Speed. How fast or slow do you want it read?

  • Style (E.g. friendly, serious, authoritative, casual)

  • Accent (I will assume you want my natural accent unless specified)

  • Pronunciation - Are there any words, names or terminology you would like said in a certain way or wish to clarify?


Q: Can I attend or listen into the recording session?

A: Yes, but most clients are happy to let me go straight ahead and record. 

If clients wish to attend a session in person I would recommend booking a studio session rather than a home recording session. That way I can come to a place convenient to you and a sound engineer can take care of the technical side, allowing us to focus on performance and direction. It is possible for clients to listen & direct me in my home studio via phone, Skype or IPDTL (wired internet connection required). 


Q: I want to book you into a studio session. Can you recommend a studio or help me find one?

A: Yes, of course. I have established some great relationships with studios across the country and would be happy to advise you.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: You can pay by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. Foreign currency transactions may be subject to a small fee. See the T&Cs for details.

Terms & Conditions

The Expression "The Artist" for the purpose of these terms and conditions refers to Jenna Sharpe and "The Buyer", the person commissioning the artist.




Times and word counts provided are approximations only, please get in touch for a quote.

Please make artist aware in advance of any requirements that may add to the time or complexity of the job, for example if files need to split into multiple batches and named according to a certain convention or you require an audio format other than .wav, MP3 or ogg, if any time syncs are involved or specific post production needs required.

Quotes are valid for one month unless otherwise specified.


Retakes and Redos


It is helpful to clarify any unusual pronunciations, terminology or names over the phone or within the script before recording commences. Pronunciation errors made by The Artist will almost always be corrected free of charge. 

In most cases we will have decided on a style, pace and tone before recording takes place. I will also often offer up different styles and intonations in my sessions, particularly for character work. However I do understand that project briefs can change. If you are not happy with the audio for whatever reason, please notify me within 7 working days and I will do my best to rectify the issue. Revisions are only available for jobs recoded in the past 7 working days. After this time it may be considered a new session or a small revision fee may apply.




Payment is due on receipt of invoice within 28 days (unless otherwise specified by the artist). If a client requires a bespoke invoice to be submitted in a different style or template to that of the Artist a £10 admin fee may be incurred.


Foreign currency transactions may be subject to a small admin charge so please notify The Artist in advance if you are intending to pay in a currency other than £ Sterling.


Late Payment


The artist reserves the right to charge a late payment fee if payment is not received within 28 days of receipt of the invoice.  In accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 the right is reserved to charge interest at 8% above the late payment period.


Cancellations & Disputes


If The Buyer cancels any contract with less than 24 hours notice The Artist reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for the job of up to 100%.


If there is a problem with the services provided by the artist please make this known within 7 working days of receipt of audio (see retakes and redos)


Force Majeure


Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery or shortage or unavailability of raw materials from a natural source of supply, and the party shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations.




Copyright remains the property of The Artist unless otherwise agreed with the buyer.


If the Artist is provided with music to incorporate in the recording it is the buyer's responsibility to check they have the relevant licenses and permissions to use this audio. The artist will not be liable for paying royalty fees or broadcast licenses.

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